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Enlarge group names in Spark

I‘m able to change the fond sizes of the displayed user names in spark which I prefer in 16 due to better readerbility. Can anybody tell me how to enlarge the group names in Spark? Just for the same reason. Thanks

There is no setting to change font size of the group names. I have filed a ticket https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2076 But as nobody is actively working on Spark, this might never be fixed.

First of all, thanks for this immediate response. Although I’m slightly disappointed that intact nobody a stumbled across this issue before. We recommend open fire and Spark to all of our clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years now and they all would be delighted if some one around here could offer a solution. So if anybody knows anyone who could fix this - a lot of Spark users would be thrilled.