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Enter unlisted chatroom password problem

It might be a race problem but on some chat clients like sparc if the chatroom is not show on the directory list and i try to join with password i get password error but if the room is listed i can get in. Weird thing is with another client i can sometimes get in and other times get the “password needed” error… anyone know what the problem it is? It doesnt seem like a huge deal since even if the private room is listed it could still be members only but it is nice to be invisible…

ok so i listed the chat rooms now but one of the clients i use still sometimes get error “chatroom is password protected” but doesnt offer me to input password. But if i keep trying sometimes i can put in the password and get in… Anyone know what the problem might be?

Well, i can’t reproduce it, at least with the latest SVN version of Spark and Openfire 3.7.0 Beta 1. And i have never seen that before. So, unless you will come up with a reproducable scenario, nothing can be done there. It looks like race conditions issue, but maybe this depends on your setup (network, client’s system resources).