Enterprise 3.4.5

hello where can I fined the enterprise plugin for openfire 3.4.5 as I cant run the 3.5.0 on my public server utill the bug fixes are out


If you install Openfire 3.4.5, it should have Enterprise 3.4.5 already installed there.

I don’t recommend using Enterprise 3.4.5 and Openfire 3.5.0, they’re written to work correctly when both versions are the same.

in 3.4.5 when the 3.5.0 came out the enterprise plugin vanished from avalible plugins.I have enterprise 3.5.0 but cant use untle the bug fixes come out as I am running a public server.I was hoping to fined the arcive 3.4.5 enterprise plugin dowload so I can use test license but I can wate till the open sourse is made avilable if there is no arcive download for the 3.4.5 thanks admin K.I.M CHAT at Kings Instant messenger