Enterprise Archiving


I have two questions about the Enterprise archiving function.

Is it possible to archive group chat messages (both public and private)?

It seems that only private chat conversations is archived.

I also read about this in another thread http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=123304&#123304

and want to see if anything has changed on the subject?

Is there a rotation schema for the archiving function, like the one for message auditing?

The company I’'m working for will probably use Wildfire as chat server in a project, and we would prefer to use the Enterprise archiving rather than the message auditing if it has the same functionality.

Thanks for any help.


I did create ENT-38 just a few minutes before I read your post, this could meet your Q2.

@Q1: In my opinion also Jivesoftware does need this feature for the weekly chat but developing features costs usually time and is a matter of priorities. So if you need both things you may want to talk to Matt as an open issue does not mean that it will be resolved within a month.


OK, thanks.