Enterprise chat solution


My name is Mike, I am new here, and new to this whole world of communications platforms as well… I need help.

My company has a call center, in this call center we have leads, and supervisors, who use the ‘chat’ function of an old application suite from a previous phone system we no longer support.

My goal is to provide them a better solution, that will run well in a terminal services (Citrix) environment, small resource footprint, ability to limit communications of certain people to certain other people, Active directory integration and be available internally only.

I have played a bit with OpenFire and a pidgin client thanks to a co-worker with pervious experience but he has his own work to do and this is my assignment. I would appreciate any feedback or questions that could help you help me, or even some recommended documents to help me understand a bit better what i’m doing.

Thank you for taking time to read this and I look forward to hearing back from you guys.


Not sure about the Citrix environment. Probably not a good envirohnment for Spark client. So you can use Pidgin, Miranda and other small footprint clients. Would recommend Psi, but it has problems with the current Openfire version.

You can limit communications useing shared groups or even Packet Filter plugin to be sure that one can’t talk to someone he’s not supposed to, by blocking presence/message packets.

There is also an AD integration in Openfire. And it can be used internally only if you need.