Enterprise license Discussion

People that have had their temp license expire on the 12th may, and have set up a community chatroom, will have to shut it down until a permanent license has been created, thus, giving the created community a bad name for not keeping the chat room running.

All the hype of compiling this and having to install software that only runs on windows, leaves nothing for Linux users, so, if a temp license can be created for a specified expiry date, then a 100 year license can be created, then, the enterprise plugin and associated plugins would still work without the need of breaking any existing communities.

To make something GPL, the software license would only need to be changed to GPL, and (with the permission of the author(s)), either, remove the registration section of the software, or create a lifetime license,simple, right?

I totally agree with you.

If your are (jive software) announcing that Enterprise version is now open source then let people use this as open source.

Unfortunately not all of the enterprise functionality can be converted to opensource (clustering being one of them) as they had to purchase licenses to distribute it. The plan was to have the rest of the functionality moved to sepreate plugins and I believe they have most of them done. The ones that are completed also have instructions on how to migrate from the Enterprise plugin and I am guessing they will not be releasing another “Enterprise plugin”.

If that’s the case, then make the commercial plugins have their own license entry box, and remove the license info from enterprise.

If enterprise is open source, and under GPL, that means, as long as there’s an announcement stating the software is GPL, then it can be modified and distributed freely. NB. GPL doesn’t apply to charging for the software.

Instead of creating more problems for both windows and linux users, just remove the enterprise license box, then all open source plugins would work with enterprise, and all commercial plugins would have their own box to enter a purchased license.

I’ve looked everywhere on this site, there is no .war .jar or rpm files for any of the plugins, all the plugins I’ve seen on here are the same plugins that would need an enterprise license.

Not sure which Plugins you are looking for but here is Dombiak’s post regarding some of the new plugins. I am using several of them and not using the enterprise plugin or license. You may need to remove the enterprise plugin, I don’t know as I have never installed the trial version of it.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2008/05/13/new-open-source- plugins-with-enterprise-features-are-now-available

Sparkweb and fastpath are just two of the plugins that require enterprise, but, without enterprise, no sparkweb or fastpath.

Even the screenshots in the fastpath service pdf quick start guide show that enterprise has to be installed, resulting in bringing this topic back needing an enterprise license, because the ‘Fastpath’ tab does not show unless enterprise is installed, even with the ‘Fastpath Service’ installed, trying to use it results in enterprise requiring a license.

Even completely removing openfire using these steps:-

#/etc/init.d/openfire stop

#rpm -e openfire

#rm -r /opt

Then re-installing, starting and setting up openfire, then installing the ‘Fastpath Service’ plugin (via the 'Available Plugins link inside openfire) does not reveal the Fastpath tab, until enterprise is installed, again,resulting in an enterprise license requirement.

I am planning my upgrade from 3.3.1 to 3.5.1 since my enterprise license expires in July. on my test server I have mirrored my existing install and then upgraded it and removed all the plugins, enterprise included. I then downloaded all of the additional plugins and they all seem to work just fine, fastpath included. I have renamed my enterprise.license file just to be sure its not grabbing it for some reason. I am not using the clustering plugin.

Is there a download somewhere for sparkweb or do I have to build it?

usalabs wrote:

Then re-installing, starting and setting up openfire, then installing the ‘Fastpath Service’ plugin (via the 'Available Plugins link inside openfire) does not reveal the Fastpath tab, until enterprise is installed, again,resulting in an enterprise license requirement.

That’s strange. It works fine on my clean installation. So, there must be some leftovers after you do uninstall.

Fastpath nor SparkWeb require licenses… in fact nothing does aside from Clustering anymore. The Enterprise plugin that you see on the commercial plugins page is in existence for the time being so that folk who have enterprise licenses can continue to use it until 3.6.0, when we plan on removing the enterprise plugin altogether. The quick start guide is wrong. It was copied from the old docs in hopes that it would help folk set up. Unfortunately it also appears to talk about license requirements, which are wrong. I’m also told the document itself is fairly out of date. I’m beginning to wonder if I should just remove it.

So you are planning on removing clustering all together in 3.6.0? This seems like a huge leap backwards, and means we will have to rethink using openfire after all this time. Why is it not possible to keep the clustering plugin available, but require a coherence license be purchased from Oracle directly to support it?

Who said that clustering wasn’t going to be available? An existing enterprise license can be used with the clustering plugin. For new clustering purchases, sales can be contacted. It would be ideal if there was an open source solution for clustering, but we don’t have time or resources to put into that. Some community members expressed interest in developing such a thing but I haven’t heard anything further.

Hi Daniel,

while I understand that a license is needed I wonder why one needs to contact Jivesoftware and not Oracle. One could easily open source this plugin, at least the code you have written and require additional jar and license files to make it work. You also don’t try to sell an Oracle RDBMS license for those who want to use Openfire with an Oracle database.

Releasing some clustering ready code could motivate some community members to do this with an open source clustering software but starting everything from scratch like Gato did (while I guess that he had access to Clearspace and Forums Gold clustering code) can be painful.


It would be great if we can do that! I don’t claim to understand licensing very well, but there’s a couple things where we’re under the impression that we can’t even share the code that -uses- the API, which is highly lame IMO. However, we are asking around and trying to find out what the official case is, and whether we can make that available. It would be awesome if we could put it out there for folk to look at and to get their own licenses for. =) So I guess the word there is — stay tuned?

Thank you for clarifying this, I didn’t realize we could still purchase a license for the clustering option through sales. The end-of-life FAQ wasn’t 100% clear on the issue. I believe I misread your post when I made my reply, and had thought you said the clustering plugin would be removed altogether, not the enterprise plugin. Sorry about that!