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Erase the logs of the archiving tab open fire


How can I erase the logs of the archiving tab of openfire or erase some specific conversations so other people can not see it.


you need to manually edit the database to remove the logs in question.


thanks for the quick reply!!

Sorry but how can I open the database and modify this?, I am a noob in DB, I really dont know where this is. I installed open fire in a windows 2003 server. and I use the defualt databe of open fire.


I do believe there is a java based admin tool included with the embedded db. I d ont know how to use it as I never use the embedded db in production environments due to several inherent limitations.


then how can I tell the open fire to not archive conversations for a specific users???


There is no current way to do this.

btaveras wrote:

Sorry but how can I open the database and modify this?

The tool provided with embedded database is only for viewing i believe, you cant see data in there, only tables. So you will have to stop Openfire and open /openfire/embedded-db/openfire.script file and try to find conversations you need to delete. Not an easy task.