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Erreur when I call login method on xmppConnection


at present I develop with smack and I have a big problem.

I try to login me at the server with a good login and a good password but that does not run.

I have sockets exceptions…

I try to login with a client to XMPP server and that run.

My code is:

// Connection
logger.info(“Connection with XMPP server succesfull”);

  •  this.currentConnection.login(XMPPDispatcherProperties.XMPP_DISPATCHER_JABBER_US ER_NAME,                      *
  •                                           XMPPDispatcherProperties.XMPP_DISPATCHER_JABBER_PASSWORD,  *
  •                                           XMPPDispatcherProperties.XMPP_DISPATCHER_JABBER_SERVER_RESOURCE*
  • }
    catch (XMPPException xmppException)
    logger.error(“Fatal error XMPP Exception when trying to connect with the XMPP Server” + xmppException);*


currentConnection.connect() is good

currentConnection.login don’t run

Moreover, xmppException is empty, nothing display

Thanks for your help