Error 500 preventing initial config

I have been trying to figure out a complication on my system related to wildfire. I have searched the internet and I see at least 6 accounts of this problem. I am unable to finish the initial configuration using the web based location because as soon as I press continue to select the language the web engine spits out a a 500.


aurora: aurora


Powered by Jetty://

Now, as dangerous as it is in the current status if you would like to see browse over to and see for yourself. Both http and https access works fine for the first page, but is blocked on subsequent pages.

Now if its possible to configure all the mysql connection and domain name by hand I am more then willing to just turn off the web interface, but right now I haven’'t gotten in to the documentation deep enough and do not know enough about jetty to figure out what is going on.

The system is a gentoo install thats is up to date. when this first occurred I removed all my java packages and made sure that the sun jre’‘s were properly installed going back to 1.3. I have also manually installed wildfire so we don’'t have to worry about any strange package management issues and my own searching shows it occurring even on RHE so it must be some conflict or misconfiguration of my java environment. any help is appreciated.


Alright this is actually a very simple solution. Jetty requires that your hostname be defined in your /etc/hosts file. While this is fairly standard practice I apparently had never done this. Not sure why it does not just try localhost, but it doesn’'t

I hope this helps anyone else who has this issue.

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Solved by using multiple threads related to 500 error through out the board.

Hi Ignitus (what a name! ,

also contains this information, but I think that it’'s not obvious for new users that a wiki does exist.