Error about httpbinding on connection manager

The version of the wildfire is 3.2 and the connection manager is last which support the httpbinding.

My program want to connect to the connection manager as httpbinding protocol, and the connection has connected with the wildfire right.

After :

XMPP authentication, resource binding, and IM session creation, in the following order:

Optionally, TLS negotiation as defined in Section 5 of RFC 3920 (this is NOT RECOMMENDED since channel encryption and compression SHOULD be negotiated at the HTTP layer; see the Security Considerations section below)

SASL authentication as defined in Section 6 of RFC 3920

Resource Binding as defined in Section 7 of RFC 3920

IM Session Establishment as defined in Section 3 of RFC 3921, if appropriate

when I set my presence:

A error happen : Unexpected end of file from server

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

at test_package.connectionManager.Presence(

at test_package.test_main.main(

But if my program connect to httpbinding of the wildfire ,not transiting the connecion manager, all is right.

Obvious,the question belongs to the connection manager.

Is there another answer?