Error after trying to update from 2.6.2 to 3.0


I have a server running well the 3.0 version, and it was updated to from 2.6.2, but there is another server that after I tryied to update it I can´t access it by web anymore.

It shows the following messages:


jzentry == 0,

jzfile = -1916746576,

total = 2041,

name = /opt/wildfire/lib/wildfire.jar,

i = 7,

message = invalid LOC header (bad signature)


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I´ve already tryied to unistall and install version 2.6.2, 3.0, … but the problem still remais. I even tryed to delete manually all the directories created by rpm.

Is there something I´m missing ?? Can anyone help me with this ?

Fídias Augusto


are the files in the lib directory exaclty the same on both servers?

You may run “md5sum *” to verify this.


I’'ve checked it and md5sum is the same for both archieves.

Any other ideas ??


you could run “unzip -t wildfire.jar” to make sure that the archive is right, but I bet it is.

I’'m not sure if Jetty needs some disk space in /tmp or somewhere else, so checking if /opt/wildfire or /tmp have still some bytes free could help.