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Error Building from Eclipse

Hi folks,

I’m trying to build a custom AuthProvider and trying to get the source to build in Eclipse.

I followed the build instructions for Ant from the commandline and that works fine; however, when I try to build using Ant in Eclipse, I am getting the following error:

Buildfile: C:\Users\Charles\eclipse\workspace\Openfire XMPP Server\build.xml
  [taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource net/sf/antcontrib/antcontrib.properties. It could not be found. BUILD FAILED
C:\Users\Charles\eclipse\workspace\Openfire XMPP Server\build.xml:35: taskdef class org.jivesoftware.ant.SubDirInfoTask cannot be found using the classloader AntClassLoader[] Total time: 308 milliseconds

I am completely new to Eclipse so I’ve been following the guide here: http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1020 but I am stuck at this point.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Apologies for such a noob question, but I’ve been coddled by Visual Studio -_-

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I am facing same issue…


I faced the same problem using EClipse, JDK 1.7.

any help would be appreciated