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Error: Can not proceed with Jive Messenger Setup

I am very new to Linux so excuse my ignorance! I am having a nightmare trying to get jive messenger server running on a Mandriva machine. I keep getting the following:

Jive Messenger Set-up

Error: Can not proceed with Jive Messenger Setup.

Your current installation fails to meet minimum Jive Messenger requirements - please see the check-list below:

At least JDK 1.5

Servlet 2.3 Support

JSP 1.2 Support

Jive Messenger Classes

Home not found. Define system property “messengerHome” or create and add the messenger_init.xml file to the classpath

Please read the installation documentation and try setting up your environment again. After making changes, restart your appserver and load this page again.

I have looked at the other posts that report this problem but they have not helped much!

Any help would be greatly received.


you can be happy not having to install jabberd, as this can get a truly nigthmare ;-). there is not much software round that is so easely to install as jivemessenger.

Have you tried this?



Got it working now - not sure what I did! Problem I have now is that I cannot access the admin console. When I put it the server IP and port into the browser it just reports that setup has already run and to log onto the Jive admin console here (has a hyperlink) - but when I click the link it just takes me back to the same page!

Got past this problem by just stopping and starting the server a couple of times! Its an xfile I guess! Thanks for your reply