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Error code="500" type="WAIT"

Hi all,

I’m new of openfire and XMPP.

I have realized a little test class in wich:

  1. I define two PubSub managers (a generator wich publishes events on the bus and a reader).

  2. I read several strings and publish them on the bus (generator.publish)

  3. I print the event in the processMessage method of the reader.

The problem is that sometime I have no problem but some other times only some events are published without problem. For some other I see the error message in the log:

Please have you some suggestions?

I have to use such a little application to publish several messages on the bus sequentially to enable communication among monitoring systems so I need such publication is reliable.

Thanks a lot

I forgot to say that if I re-start the server the problem seems to disappear…

No suggestion about ?