Error during resource binding

I’ve finally pushed out chat server onto live, but last night the server crashed. This was the last error that I got in the error log before it crashed and I’m not sure what it means:

2011.04.15 00:08:50 Error during resource binding. Session not found in [cb28ee51, 6da78794, e9949099, 1495d92d, 12d80d7, 91100d82, 8a1fb2d0, a1381a78, aaec276e, 6997df4b, 18168ca7, c3accd3b, 2aba8c25, facdfe2, f67d53d9, 2d5059c9, 4bf19c61, e0d9076e, f12f6135,

23a3e66c, 72768b77, 3aa52185, 53e7b6a, 9a3fadc2, e9c039a, 584227cd, e4ca30f4, 42c79487, 674a18c6, 70ed657a, b0d8d8d3, 1bf81447, 8b33a78c, 41489f2, 2605d682, 4053f17, d5a6bff5, 998f0e29, 4c7a2a5c, 4f02561e, f1c32da9, f9087283] for key

I’m running 3.7 on a MySQL DB with the iJab web client.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Garth (420 Bytes)

I’m still getting this problem and it happened 3 times over the weekend. I can’t have the server running in this state, I need to find out what is causing te problem.