Error in error.log

Hi, all

I have this error in the error.log file. What’'s wrong with that? What is happening?

2006.08.09 07:38:34 04) Se cerró la conexión antes de establecer la sesión



Hola Absabby,

That message means that a client connected to port 5222 and for some reason the connection was closed before it was fully connected (i.e. from the XMPP point of view). Could you open a traffic window in your client to gather the exchanged XML traffic and post it here? Are you seeing any error in the log files?


– Gato

Hi all

Thanks for answer my question, but I don’‘t know how to do it. I sometimes use iptraf. The error.log in the wildfire server is big, there is a lot of errors. The wildfire server falls sometimes down and I don’'t know to do. The solution is restart the server.

This is another error in the error.log file

2006.08.10 14:20:49 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.handler.IQRosterHandler.handleIQ( 119) Error interno en el servidor

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal JID:

Thanks in advance

My jabber client is PSI, I see this:

This show that all is OK, but in the error.log appears the messages.

2006.08.15 12:10:56 04) Se cerró la conexión antes de establecer la sesión


Hola Absabby,

The entry that you see in the error log is unrelated to the packets that you are posting. Those packets were sent from a client that is alreadt connected to the server. On the other hand, the entry in the error log says that a client tried to connect to the server and was disconnected before a session was created. Which client are you using? May be your client is retrying automatically to log in if something failed? Anyway, besides that error in the log files, are you having any issue while connecting clients or using the server?


– Gato