Error in Integrating Video Streaming Using Jingle Libaray

I m Integrating Video Streaming using jingle library by the blog posted “Video Streaming Using Jingle Library”. While integrating the Projects you’ve given in that URL Link, i m facing the problems in video streaming.

URL : e-library/

I’ve Installed JMF & Spark & Eclispse in 2 systems, both are in our LAN. Openfire is installed in Public Server.

First of all, i resolved all the errors when compiling the Projects. Now it runs well without any errors.

This is steps to run the Server n Client AVManager;

  1. Login to the Spark using my Account

  2. Open JMF n Detect my Zebronics WebCam n It Detected it well n displayed in captured devices.

  3. Now runs the AVManager and It Opned the Window and i did the same steps in another system also.

  4. There is no video but while viewing the console window, jingle packets are sent n received from both systems. but doesnot open the Video Window.

My Doubts,

  1. Why we are using Spark to Login the Openfire Server because in Server i login as one user and in Client i login as another user.

  2. Why video window has not open up.

  3. Will i ve to do anything other than u mentioned in the Page.

4 What i’ve to do open the Video Window .

Here i attahed the response from my client…got from debug window…

Plz refer it

Plz help me


arjun k.prakash