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Error in mesg sending for android

I an testing XMPPClient for Android .

It is giving error while sending message from one instance to another ; Two different users are logged on two instances.

The following debug log , If anybody have guide plz reply me. Why it come whats it reason.

2008.12.22 12:53:24 NIOConnection: startTLS: using c2s

2008.12.22 12:53:56 Set parameter http.connection.timeout = 3000
2008.12.22 12:53:56 Set parameter http.socket.timeout = 3000
2008.12.22 12:53:57 Open connection to www.igniterealtime.org:80
2008.12.22 12:53:57 Closing the connection.
2008.12.22 12:53:57 Method retry handler returned false. Automatic recovery will not be attempted
2008.12.22 12:53:57 Releasing connection back to connection manager.

Thank you