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Error inviting people to join a conference room

Hello everyone,

Here are the facts we are on:
Spark 2.9.4 Ignite Realtime Apache License, Version 2.0 www.igniterealtime.org Smack Version: 4.3.4 (4.3.4-4.3 2019-05-27) JRE Version: 1.8.0_121

When anyone here goes to add anyone to a conference room that was started. We get an “error” that pops up. That is what the error says: Error. That is all. Nothing else.

This seems to be ONLY with adding people to a conference room. If we create a conference room with all parties involved that is great. However we can not create the room then add people.

When I checked the logs folder. The only one with an entry for today is this error:

Dec 15, 2020 11:06:02 AM org.jivesoftware.spark.util.log.Log warning
WARNING: ChatRoomDecorator: finished emoran_vcr@conference.alt-spice-16.alternatives.org

which seems unrelated.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for reading this. I hope we can fix this :slight_smile:

Eddie :slight_smile:

I can reproduce this. Not sure what is happening. https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/SPARK-2213