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Error - MSN gateway


I tried using several different Jabber clients (Pidgin, Pandion…) to log into an account in OpenFire that is registered with the MSN transport.

However, I get this error msg whenever I logged into OpenFire - “You were disconnected from MSN because your account signed in at another location”

I’'m sure I did not use any client to sign in with my MSN transport account anywhere else. As a result, I can only receive messages but not send messages out to MSN contacts…

Did anyone encounter/experience this as well?

Would appreciate any advice.


If you are capable (ie, you own your server and others aren’‘t really using it) of restarting your Openfire server entirely and trying again, would you mind doing that? I’'d be curious to see if the problem magically vanishes. =) GATE-226 refers to an issue that was present in the last release (1.0.2) and should be gone in the most recent 1.1.0 beta. It might be related. However if you can restart your server, it would be very helpful to verify that that might indeed be the problem.

The new version is better. However, running the new version (and having rebooted the server)I still see the same issue.

The fix for me has been to launch an MSN client against my account (which disconnects my gateway session, even though my client tells me I don’'t have one) then relogin to Openfire.


Hrm. How do you know you have a gateway session that gets disconnected? Can you see it in the debug logs? (if you have an active session, you should see it spewing regular PNG messages)