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Error signing into transports

We are using spark 2.5.8 as our client and openfire 3.6.4 and the im gateway 1.2.4d.

today all of a sudden icq and aim transport users can’t authenticate I’m assuming since aim and icq are all owned by aol that its something that they changed in their server world but I’m not sure. Does anyone else see the same issue? If I do a test from my gateway settings field I get a test failed reply. Then 2 minutes later I click test and I get a reply that it was a sucess but it still wont let any spark clients work. its trying to connect to login.oscar.aol.com on port 5190 did a hostname or anything out there change? here are the errors it sends me.

Alert from aim “Connection failed: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect”

Alert From Aim “Unknown error code returned from AIM: 18
URL: http://www.aol.com?ccode=us&lang=en

just telneted to it from the openfire server and got nothing, then i telneted to it from a server i have on the outside of the office and got a reply on port 5190 im guessing its a local network or dns related.

answered it myself, added a static bogus entry for it so clients couldent use a aim client on their pc and only allowed the openfire server to get out to the login via a hosts file dns entry and it looked like things changed a little bit on their side last night.

Announcement: IM Gateway Plugin has Moved

The IM Gateway Plugin has moved and been renamed: Kraken XMPP IM Gateway.

Please direct questions to that site as the maintainer is not actively monitoring this forum.

by @Benjamin Sherman at 06-May-2009 12:08