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Error spark when moving user in Active Directory


I have installed OpenFire 3.6.4 on windows server 2003 SP2 and Spark Client 2.5.8 on my Windows XP Professional Desktop. OpenFire server is configured for the AD settings and is working fine. All user created in USERS Organization Unit. I create a new Organization Unit and move user X to this OU. when I log in spark by user X, I got a error “user or password is invaild”. I moved user X come back USERS Organization Unit. Everything is work fine. help me! I want move some users to other Organization Unit.


check the values for your baseDN used to define your LDAP connection to AD. If it is too narrow you cannot move the accounts.

Thank u very much! Todd Getz!

I understood my problem,

the value for my baseDN is “cn=users,dc=mydomain”.

to fix this problem, I can set baseDN is “dc=mydomain”?

help me! thanks!