<error type=''wait'' code=''502''>

pls, need to know what " '‘error type ‘‘wait’’ " is… I’‘ve been trying for days to create a grp chat, as some of you know who have tried to help me out here… I’'m pretty desperate at this point… sorry to post here again, but where else to ask Smack questions?

again, I have exact same sequence as mentioned here, in documentation (muc.html):

// Create a MultiUserChat using an XMPPConnection for a room

  MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat(conn1, "myroom@conference.jabber.org");

// Create the room

muc.create(“testbot”); // (’‘testbot’’ being nickname, right?)

// Send an empty room configuration form which indicates that we want

// an instant room

muc.sendConfigurationForm(new Form(Form.TYPE_SUBMIT));


what is still not clear to me is how you create nickname and associate it w/user, I create it like this:

nickname = sUsername + “N”;

then use this nickname to do create(nickname); I get 502 error () on both creating muc and sending form… would very much appreciate some help here… thank you…

Hola Kali,

The 502 error code means that the connection to the remote server failed. Therefore, the Smack client sent a packet whose domain does not match the server name of your local server and your server failed to connect to the remote server. For instance, if the name of your server is ''mycompany.com" and a packet is sent to the server with TO = "anything@otherserver.com" then the server will try to open a connection to “otherserver.com” to deliver the packet.

You can open the smack debugger window and post the XML traffic so we can try to help you finding out the packet that is generating the 502 error.


– Gato

ay Gato, que amable, gracias… me muero de verguenza, resulta q habia un problema con el server… which I had no way of knowing… and since I’‘m fairly new at this naturally thought problem was w/my code… while our server is configured properly by our engineering staff I’'m trying everything on jabber.org and it works fine…

many thanks for all your help…


De nada. Recuerda marcar las preguntas como respondidas una vez que fueron “respondidas”.


– Gato

nuevamente muchas gracias Gato…