Error when starting sparkweb

Does any one know why I get this error when starting sparkweb:-

Couldn’t load config value for the policy file url; values are: , connectionType:socket, location:, connectiontype:socket, port:5222,, red:1, autologin:false, autoLogin:false, blue:1, green:1, username:, password:

I even tried it with the swf and associated files copied to it’s own host, on the same server, ie,, it runs with no errors but I’m unable to connect to the server, but using the default sparkweb url from the Enterprise management console, I get that error.

This is a bug in SparkWeb in 3.5, fixed for 3.5.1.

I found out about 3.5.1 after I posted this message , the errror is fixed, but the fastpath webchat errors haven’t been fixed yet, I’ll post it in another post.