Establish s2s connections for any xmpp server

WE have run through what i think are the steps for sever to server connections and when we manually add a server the 2 can communicate. However is it not possible to set it so any xmpp server can be communicated with? The goal is so we can have xmpp usernames on our business cards and if another company has their own xmpp server they could send a message or a “buddy” auth request.

should be pretty easy. just have to open the ports on your firewall, allow s2s in openfire, and set up your publix DNS records. If you want to allow everyone to connect, then select “Allowed to Connect” to anyone.

I thought it would be easy too. We have 2 openfire servers and did all the steps and after manually allowing each server they can talk to eachother, but we can’t communicate with any xmpp like or google accounts ect?

to be clear we cant message from our openfire to those other servers. They can message to us but we cant “authorize” them and / or message to them back so we cant seem to get messages out to them. Friend buddy requests do not seem to come regardless the direction sent.

google dropped xmpp last year I think, so that might be part of the issue with google. I’m not sure about If you haven’t already, you may give a visit. Its a pretty good site to help with troubleshooting.