ETA of Newest Version?

Any idea when the next ‘‘official’’ release of the plugin will be released?

I’'m running the patched version, and still have some bugs.




I did a lots of changes, refactorings and cleanups, which are already in the SVN repository.

The changes are mainly motivated to have a better abstraction of the underlying PBX and

to be able to work an top of JTAPI with other PBXs.

Problem is, due to bigger changes, we need some alpha testing phase I think. If there are some

guys who want to “jump at it” I will provide a dev snapshot release.



There is also work going right now to add multiple asterisk server support among other things. There will be another release early next month.

Thanks. I’‘m running the patched version from the forums. And I’‘m not a 100% convinced that it is running right. Some of my users have access to the Call features in Spark, and others don’'t. Just figured the official release will have those bugs worked out.