Every online users - can see - Every online users


I have to make a chat application and I need that everybody can see and chat with everybody.

I create entries in my roaster :

roster.createEntry(“sambasub@ipserver”, “sambasub”, null);

then I do :

Presence presence = roster.getPresence(“sambasub@ipserver”);

presence.getStatus() shows me “null”

I understood that it is because " the user is not online or you are not subscribed to the user’s presence"

-> I am not suscribed to the user presence.

So I am a bit lost, I don’t know how to make it… Could you help me please ?

Thank you very much


I think configuring shared groups at openfire will work…

I am sorry, I am quite new. Could you give me more details please ? how can I configure shared groups ?

Thank you

through openfire admin console from Groups tab…

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