Everyone's spark in my server freezes

Hello. I’m having a generalized issue with spark where everyone’s client is hanging or freezing specially when people start to write to other people. Let’s say people a, b, c are online. If person A writes to person B. It’s spark freezes while person A writes… Then if person B writes to person C, person see freezes and if person C writes to A. They freeze as well.

I’m using spark 3.0.1 for the clients and the latest openfire version

It is very interesting why this problem appeared.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\plugins - There is a list of plugins for all users.Please send a screenshot.

%appdata%\Spark\plugins - There is a list of plugins in the profile. Please send a screenshot.

%appdata%\Spark\logs - There are the logs. Send me these files.

I was able to reproduce this bug. I connected remotely to my Openfire server and chatted one on one and if we were texting each other at the same time chat is freeze
It seems I fixed it. Try the latest nightly build please(March 25 and later):