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Everything working fine, suddenly users can not log on

I have set my openfire to work with Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and a Microsoft SQL Database, the users and groups everything whas working yust fine, but suddenly my unloged users cannot log on ---->(Error: User or password wrong), I was loged and chating with another person then I log out and when I try to Log in again---->(Error: User or password wrong).

  • I tryed to fix this restarting the Openfire Service but users still have the problem.
  • When try to open the Administration Console, mi user and password have no acces.
  • Then I suspect of an Hacker Atack to openfire or my Database but is imposible, the users of my network barely know how to open a program.
  • I try editing openfire.xml and activating the Set Up, I started to put the SQL database Password etc, and Active Directory routes to the users.
  • After this the only one who can have acces to Openfire was the administrator account set by me, but the speed of the responces of the Openfire Administration Console was ultra low, and when accesing users/groups panel the navegator stay in limbo awaiting for server.
  • The last Solution I try whas reinitiate the Server (PC) then magically everything is back to normal.

One more thing everything happened suddenly.

My question is What The Hell happened and what can I do so this does not happen again???

My server Data

Tiempo de Actividad del Servidor:
14 horas, 53 minutos – started 03-abr-2013 22:09:30
Openfire 3.8.1 Alpha
Ruta al servidor:
C:\Archivos de programa\Openfire
Nombre del Servidor:
Versión de Java:
1.6.0_18 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Client VM
Servidor de Aplicaciones:
Host Name:
SO / Hardware:
Windows 2003 / x86
Idioma / Huso Horario:
es / Hora estándar Central (-6 GMT)
Memoria de Java

56.10 MB of 247.50 MB (22.7%) used

Base de Datos y Versión:
Microsoft SQL Server 09.00.1399
Driver JDBC:
jTDS Type 4 JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server and Sybase
Versión del Driver JDBC:
URL de conexión a la BD:
Usuario de la BD:
Soporte para Transacciones:
Nivel de Aislamiento de las Transacciones:
Soporta múltiple conexiones
abiertas a la vez:
En modo solo lectura: