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Examples.jar do not work at spark 2.6.0

Hi all

I download examples.jar for spark 2.6.0.Then I place it at c;/programfile/spark/plugin directory.But spark do change anything for examples.jar.Pls help me.How will I do to work examples.jar.What is wrong.Thank for any reply.I do need your help.

In your spark directory must be log directory. There are all spark errors. Could you attach log file (error.log for me).

Hi, I am new to Spark development and I am trying to create my first sample plugin example. I am following http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/sparkplug_kit/docs/latest/sparkplug_dev_gui de.html#simplePlugin

and I also have the same problem - where when I put a jar file (even examples.jar) into the plugins directory, i am not seeing this plugin from the Plugins section of the Spark IM. Any reason why this is so? I assume that examples.jar is compatible with the last Spark IM version, isn’t it so?

I would appreciate someones help since I need to start developing my own plugin. Thanks a lot for your help.