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Hi All,

sorry for the noob question, but i m looking for a tutorial step by step if it possible. ( xiff on flash or flex)

i’haved look at the flex XIFF_AS3_GUI of nick vellof, but i don’t understand and get an error 401.

Can you take me link of jabber tutorials too ? a first read to begin.

thanks by advance, for responses.


I have few, not much explanations however.





can you tell me why this example use org.jivesoftware and nick velloff example use org.ignitrealtime package ?

When i download the source with svn i obtain org.jivesoftaware … i don’t know what is a good.


At some point the namespace changed, thats all.

Yes it’s possible.

But i have found this url


and the svn get me a good package name, i try to use it today.


Hi Paazmaya,

I was trying to use the sample #1 you posted but the connection.isLoggedIn() method keeps returning false, while Openfire shows the user’s nickname in the Sessions (admin interface) with the Online status. I even see the user in Spark, in the roster of another user of the same server.

Do you have any idea why is this happening ?

I can post my code if needed.

First check that you set the presence.

Then if does not work, post the code.

HI,How can I get the information of one Friend.

First ,I creat a IQ Class ,then should addExtention,Which one ? Thanks!!