Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException in chatrooms permissions page

A strange issue has arisen where if you go to Group Chat, pick a chat to view and click to view/edit it’s permissions it will throw up the error described in the title. So far it has not affected the use of any of the chat rooms but it also does not apply the same way to all the permissions pages. For instance, on one page all the items will show up which includes the users of the chat room, room affliations, and the option to add users by the JIDs but there is a box that has the error on it. Likewise on another permission page for another room the entire permission page does not display at all only having the error message and for others they display without any problem.

After researching I understand the nature of the error message, the problem being on where exactly to go and/or look to attempt to fix it.


Do you get any more detailed traceback that describes the actual Null Pointer? Maybe displayed on the webpage itself or in one of Openfire’s log files? Also, which version of Openfire?