Exchange Roster groups between 2 Openfire domains or servers

Hi folks,

I’m using openfire 3.6.0a in 2 openfire servers in 2 diferent machines. I have created on each one a group containing all the users that I need to be shared. The local group of each server is created using only the usernames (not the complete JID).

This works well for users between same server or domain.

user#@domain1 is visible to all the users in the local-groupname-at-domain1

user#@domain2 is visible to all the users in the local-groupname-at-domain2

How do I add the group of one server to another?

I have created a second group in each server with a list of users within the another server but using the JID because I know that this is the logical way that XMPP s2s recognize external users.

user#@domain1 is listed in the external-groupname-at-domain2

user#@domain2 is listed in the external-groupname-at-domain1

I cant get this work using the sevarl options under Contact List (Roster) Sharing.

I need to do this because we give support to several offices, but need to be independient because some time the use of a central server has gone under certain network problems. The main goal is that new added users will be listed in local and external groups and their contact be added to all users in both servers.

Hey voyagerlinux,

I remember that we print some fineprint notes when you try to add remote users to a shared group. As you noticed things are not automagic when you have remote users in a local shared group. There is no easy way to handle that. Anyway, have you considered using the Fastpath product (free and open source now) for what you need to do?


– Gato