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Excluding certain people from audit logs

I would like to know if enough people think this would be helpful as an option before having it added to jira as an enhancement.

Would anyone other than myself like to be able to exclude certain people from being audited?

I have a jabber installation that will be used by the staff in my company and auditing will be turned on. Unfortunately, there are some execs who would not like to be audited.

I have 3 options at this point.

1: Turn off auditing for everyone

2: Enable client to client encryption for those staff members who don’'t need their conversations readable by anyone but the recipients.

3: Audit everyone and have something occasionally parse the logs and remove the “offending” entries. This isn’'t really useful right now. Once database logging is implemented then this would be exceptionally easy. (Hurry up Beta 2! ).

I can install Gaim and Gaim-encryption on those employees machines, but would prefer to just have everyone have the same installation without the hassle of differing clients for different needs. So, I’‘d just like a field in system properties (such as audit.ignore) and then a comma delimeted list of people that wouldn’'t be logged.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea or helpful to their installation?

And to the developers, is this even realistic based on the logging model in place?


Personally I don’‘t need this feature, but I just had a quick look at the most current released sources and I don’‘t think it would be a problem to add the support you’'d like.

To do what you want I’'d do one of the following steps (ordered by descending “clean implementation”):

  • Change src\java\org\jivesoftware\messenger\audit\spi\AuditManagerImpl.java, inner class AuditorInterceptor and make it compare the packet’'s sender to the “ignore” system property before it logs anything. Would need only very few lines of code…

  • Change src\java\org\jivesoftware\messenger\audit\spi\AuditorImpl.java, method “audit”, to do the same thing as described above. Would cost very few lines of code as well.

So - if that’‘s really something that you need: Post it here or add a JIRA issue. This should be really quite easy if I don’'t miss anything.

Comments/Corrections from the developers appreciated…


I think that this is a nice improvement. Download the next nightly build and you will have a pleasant surprise.


– Gato

See… This is just another reason I truly enjoy this software and this forum. I’'ll download the latest kit tomorrow. Thank you.