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Exodus nested groups feature + JM groups


Maybe it’‘s not a new thing, especially for Exodus users. But it’‘s very interesting thing. There is a feature in Exodus (Tools > Options > Roster > Use nested group), there you can choose a charecter wich would nest groups with this character in name to a deeper level (dont know how to say it in english, so i’'ll show an example):

We have a group created in Admin Console in Jive Messenger, let it be “Company”. And we have users assigned to it. Now we create group with name “Company/Administration” (without asteriks of course:)). / sign is default for nesting in Exodus, though u can change it. Now you can assign some other users or same users to that group, or u can have no users in main Company group. Roster ex:


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So u can nest groups nicely with JM, i think it could be useful for big companies with complex structure:) Or else:)

P.S. how to put some blank spaces in post there?:slight_smile: i’'ve tried

yes,nested groups feature is useful in company for complex structure. we hope to add the character.

recently I meet a question , as I add 20 share group 500 user in jive,EXODUS can’‘t load all user in share group. only load a part of user, someone meet similar question , if any good method is solved . I have already had a headache for this for some time.i try Gaim and jbother is right in this.if it’'s exodus a big bug.

only want to discuss this problem in here.

well, we dont have such amount of users, so i cant produce this bug. But we’‘ll have to use it with ~60 users and couple of groups, so i’‘ll have to watch everything is fine with the roster. Thanx for caution:) BTW, what version of Exodus are you using? is the last official. Though Ryan promised to send me if he have one. The only thing you can do now it’'s bug report to Exodus dev team. I have reported some bugs to this address: