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Exodus shows wrong non-english characters

Dont have time to figure out better thread title:)

Have noticed this strange behavior today. It all looks fine. All native (lithuanian, baltic) symbols are showing fine in Exodus. But after i try to change MUC topic in Exodus all non-english characters mess up (shows squares or other english letters instead). And Exodus shows wrong characters in all chat windows since then. But it shows right characters in chat window top (you know, like a header of chat window where the name of user with whom u are chating is written as a link). And this problems dissapears only after rebooting JM server and restarting Exodus. Not only Exodus, so because i think this is not only Exodus problem.

One more thing, i have turned Exodus debugger and characters are good in packets, but it shows it wrong in chat window.

Hmm… maybe this is about fonts? But why it mess up only after changing topic in MUC?

any ideas about that? I can report this as a bug to Exodus, but i have to be sure it’'s an Exodus bug:)

Now trying with Miranda, and this problem repeats. More strange things, if i restart Exodus after this it removes bookmark to this room. For now the only solution is to restrict users from changing room topic (persistent room). Nothing happens when i’‘m changing topic in AC or by myself (i’'m admin of this room).

Have no opportunity to test it better, because we are now using messenger and i dont want to restart server too often. Because restart is the only way to fix it.

probably fixed already, cant reproduce in test environment