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Exodus: The room has been destroyed

“The room has been destroyed for an unknown reason”

I’‘m getting this error often recently. It happens when one of new Room Options is disabled (changing nickname, registered nicknames only, …). So if i try to change nickname in room i’'m thrown out. Not good.

Hey wroot,

This is triggered since some of the new features are not MUC standard so clients may react in a weird way.


– Gato

hm… Ok. Maybe this is a worth price for being able to control my users

Did you look for the error code in the debugger console that exodus is recieving? that might give a hint as to the origin of the problem.

this is the debug lines, right after trying to change nickname:


john@wroot - user

johndepp - nickname

johndepp2 - new nickname

The XML packets look fine (ie. as expected). The 406 not-acceptable error code is what JM is returning when a user tries to change his nickname and that feature is disabled.

In particular, the spec does not mention that a server may reject changing a nickname so I would say that each client will show a different kind of error or just continue as if the rename was done.


– Gato