Export/import groups

Hello, I’ve done a new openfire installation and I wish export/import users and groups from old installation to new installation.

I’m using the import/export plugin but the groups haven’t been imported.

the users export and import it’s work. but for groups isn’t work. after run import procedure neither group appear. neither group is imported.

the plugin user import/export is only for users ? How can I export/import my groups there is other plugin ?

My old installation is with BD mysql as well as the new installation too. the two is up in separe machines.

I tried make a dump of the mysql as follow but this way neither users and groups haven’t been imported.

on old machine: mysqldump -h localhost -u openfire -p openfire > bkp_openfire

on new machine: mysqldump -h localhost -u openfire -p openfire < bkp_openfire

so…I need migration the old machine to new machine but I’m finding those problems above.

any tip with export/import users/groups is welcome or whole openfire by mysql.


Hello, my misktake was with syntax at the mysql command.

follow the correct command for export/import BD mysql

mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_name > FILE.sql

mysql -u username -ppassword database_name < FILE.sql

after all that’s ok. all users and groups was import.