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Exporting groups to new server

I’'m upgrading to a new FC4 box.

I’‘m running Jive 2.2.0 on the old FC3 server and have installed Jive 2.3.0 on the new server. I’'ve exported and imported all my users ok, but this did not do the groups.

Is there a way to export or copy the groups over?

I’'m using the embedded database.

Thanks in advance

You should use the Messenger Import Export plugin.



Scratch that. I missed the part that you wanted to eport groups not users

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Hi Leigh,

I know it doesn’‘t help right now but at some point I’'d like to expand the import/export plugin to handle not just users but groups and Messenger properties as well.

While I’‘ve never tried it, it should be fairly easy to move the groups between servers by copying the contents of the jiveGroup, jiveGroupProp and jiveGroupUser tables from whatever database your old installation was using to your new installations’’ database. Of course, you probably would want to do some testing before attempting such a move with a production server.

Hope that helps,


Hi Ryan,

It will be nice to see groups and properties added to the import/export wizard.

I decided to just copy and paste all the users in the groups from the old server over to notepad, then paste all the users into the newly created group on the new server.

I did test everything, and my only issue turned out that all the lients where connecting using SSL (which I didn’'t need), so I just disbaled TLS and all is well now.


Found work around, was advised that group export feature to be included in future release.