Expose Openfire On Internet

I am trying to build a application (for Android and iOS) and it has a CHAT component for which I am using Openfire.

Within the corporate network it works great but Now I want to expose it outside the corporate network, so that peope can access the app on their 3G/4G connections too.

I tried the Connection manager but I am again stuck with some firewall issues.

I installed the Connection manager on a DMZ server and installed Openfire on an internal server.

Our firewall setting allows Connection created from Internal to DMZ server but not vice versa so I guess connection manager will not work because Connction manager tries to create a Connection to the Openfire server and not vice versa. Any thoughts on this will be helpfull.

We have this setup already… if you want to connect this over the internet, you will need to have your external ip address, this then needs to be NAT’ed through to the internal ip address of your chat server. with the relevant ports opened.

We use an external FQDN to connect externally…