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Extended Fastpath Reports

Reports section in Fastpath doesn’t meet business requirements. There is no logs over what agent rejected chat, time value is not clear, no export. If you have any requests over how Reports should be improved please specify them in this discussion.

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This is something I’m trying to work on as well. Here is what I have so far.

List of Measures to report with.

Hour, Day, MTD, Month, Rolling 30/60/90, Year, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Date Range

**Agent “Events” to record **



enter workgroup/leave workgroup

Time in queue

chat offered

chat refused

chat accepted

chat duration

Transfers and to which agents

Agent Invites and who

other agents duration in chat

Chat terminator i.e. Agent or EU

Time available/free to chat

Time away/away idle

Time in DND

Time in Phone

Some report ideas myself and managers have come up with.

Queue Availability

Cold Transfer

Invite Percentage

Queue Duration

Queues active in during login

Amount Offered

Amount Accepted

Amount Rejected

Time Available

Time Idle

Time Away

Time DnD / Phone

Percentage Available vs unavailable

Number of Chats Timed out by Queue

I’m working on a database diagram and then from that point I’m not sure if it is better to just overhaul fastpath itself or try to extend it. When you pour through the source code there are still alot of comments for things needing to be done and of course also updating the code as it was written 1.5 and has a lot of deprecation so it might just be easier to integrate this database ‘tickmarks’ into the plugin itself rather than extend it with another plugin.

Sorry for the info overload, I’ve been working on this for awhile but just haven’t had the push to post my work as of far yet.

While looking for a solution to finding out why webchat keeps crashing on my Tomcat instance, I ran across JAMon, skimmed through so far but does it sound like a good way to create the metrics for Fastpath? Thoughts?


did anyone manage to improve the reports for webchat, i am really looking for a log on people rejecting chats



I am currently working on a real-time reporting for Fastpath. I forward all messages to a Node.JS application that parses the stanzas. In the case of rejected chats, you need to look for an iq packet with a child named “offer-reject”, as follows:

In this example, ‘support’ is the workgroup name, alice is the agent, and user is the Jid for the user who made the chat request. The underlying XMPP extension that this is documented in is XEP-0142 - Workgroup Queues and is documented at: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0142.html.

In my case, I created a plugin to direct stanzas to a Node.JS application. Another approach would be to create a plugin to intercept and process the stanzas.

LOL you lost me but it sounds good

Hi Jake,

if you don’t mind. can you share the Node.JS application that parses the stanzas.

thank you.