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Extended MUC plugin

He there,

I’‘d like to extend the MUC component to add some features to it. I would like to embed it in a plugin to avoid disrupting the development of muc, and preserve it’'s compliance with the JEP.

I would like then to extends some classes of org.jivesoftware.muc.spi.*. however, most of the interesting stuff had private visibility. Is there any reason why it would not be possible to change this to protected and extend the logics?

  • Hugues

Out of curiosity, what extensions are you planning to implement?


Also, can you be more specific about what methods you’‘d like to see be protected. In any case, I don’'t think the MUC classes are setup such that you can plug in a different implementation. Therefore, it might be better to make a fresh plugin based on the current MUC sources?



Hi Matt,

Thanks for your answer. FYI, I’'d like to add media sharing to MUC so that people in a room could collaborate.

Let’'s say that I still want to extend muc :p. I could make this package more “extendable”, and then develop my plugin for these new sources? Then I could submit the patch to the MUC packages to make it extendable.

  • Hugues