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Extended search field -- HOWTO?

I see no config option to extend or change the search plugin label i.e by default the search plugin has jid, username,name, email. As they work well with LDAP . I have several attributes in opnelda mapped with openfire i.e country…which i want in search field…

is there anyway out to extend the search field or search plugins hacks is only remain option.



In the LDAP section of your openfire.xml file, add the following:

Where the pairs are display name/ldap attribute.

Thanks DeeJay, do you have any clue that how to make it possible to know (through search plugin) that the user is online or not … i was wondering how to implement the online user only search features…! any way out…



It should be possible, but would require custom code to be written.

Perhaps the code from the presence plug-in would help to fill in the blanks?

Hi Sarose,

Since you’'re using LDAP you can actually specify which fields you want to have searched in the openfire.xml file. Take a look at the “ldap.searchFields” setting in the Openfire: LDAP Guide.

Hope that helps,


There are couple of issue left with me as i find the solution more problems comes in…especially with search plugin…i have checked the docs…can’'t get the exact point…

i am using openfire 3.3.0 and as you had suggested earlier i had added in ldap section…as following

it work nice…i can search the country…and state but the output shows no country and state although the return resutl is correct (i checked the profile the country is listed correctly as search). i wonder why only email, name are listed in result not the county even though the data are present in ldap…or shall i need to add any more attributes…for testing i used psi 0.10

the next issue is, i can only search one field or all field against one single keyword only…if i want to search the sex=F && Country=UK && Name=Sa* then i simply can’'t do this through search plugin! am i right?

Thanks for you all effort to make be through out some problem

for this issue at least i expect some more help. Any hints or suggestion will be greatly appreciated…