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Extending Jingle with PseudoTCP


I want to extend the jingle library included with the Smack API to support pseudo TCP. Before doing so, I wanted to fire off a few questions to the Smack community.

It has been said that implementing pseudo TCP won’t be easy. However, Google’s implementation seems to have already done this in C. I figure porting it to Java is one part of the puzzle. Another part of the puzzle will be figuring out how it can be fitted into the Smack implementation.

My first question is whether or not anyone would like to join me in developing this? I’m all for releasing code back to the community under the same license. I really don’t care about retaining any intellectual property.

Secondly, is the Jive team thinking of implementing this anytime soon themselves? Ever? Just thought I’d ask.:slight_smile:

Thirdly, is there anyone I would be able to speak with (email, phone, IM… whatever) regarding the current Jingle implementation? Since there seems to be little documentation outside of the javadocs, I’m assuming this would probably be someone at Jive who has worked on the API. I suspect that the pseudo TCP implementation is a single (but complex) class which extends from some of the APIs abstractions. I’m really just looking for a general outline of the abstractions being used and how they relate to one another.

Does anyone have an idea as to how long something like this might take? Am I looking at days? weeks? months? I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into here, so a general guess would help me determine how this fits into my timeline.

Many thanks for your time.

hi kgarske.

i was looking for this very same thing in this api

but from your post i got the point that it is not implemeted yet.

Anyway…way… i m interested doing it. i dont know how much i’ll be helpful…

looking forward for ur reply.