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Extending status question

Hi, we are developing a jive Messenger based system with flash clients.

Due to the complexity of our application we need to use a more complex status for the users.

The user need to know if other users in his roster got some specific properties.

The properties are variation of the status, like “talk forbidden”…

The properties changes at runtime.

We think to represent the status in binary mask mode, so the status must be an integer number instead of “Online”, “unavailable”…

Is there any way to do this?

If I understand what you’'re trying to do, there are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Set the “status” value of the presence to whatever value you’'d like. This could be a binary mask as you describe, or a textual value. Then, customize your client to look for these custom “show” values. To see how the status element works, view the examples at:


  1. Attach your own XML child stanza to the user’'s presence packets. For example:

Your custom child stanza must simply use a custom element name and namespace. Jive Messenger will include any custom child stanzas in the presence packets that are broadcast to roster item members (as required by the XMPP spec).



Ok, it works!!!

Nice shot, thanks a lot.