External clients


I have sparx and wildfire running in my WAN very good, if i want to publish that wildfire server for internet users what port i must publish and forward to my internal server?

ej… username = johnsmith

password = pass


Can i do that? or what other options can i use to have communiccation with my external clients from the internet?

This all depends on how you have your firewall setup.

Obviously you are going to need to open up whatever port your configured your client for (most likely 5222, 5223)

How you go from there is all about your network.

If you have NAT reflection setup on your firewall, then yes you can put your external IP as the server name.

If you do not, the easiest way to do it is to have split DNS.

Have an internal DNS server setup for wildfire.yourdomain.com pointing to your internal IP and point your external DNS to your external IP.

if you have set up your server as “jabber.mydomain.com” or just “myhostname” on your internal network, that may not resolve from the external clients. look for a client that supports manually specifying a hostname to connect to vs only deriving the hostname from the jid.