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External components and Fastpath


Does anyone know if registrering an external component with Openfire with a Fastpath plugin installed will allow the component to interact with Fastpath?

I need to implement a chat to customer service function, and Fastpath is just what I need. However, I need to “listen in” and find out when customers initiate a chat, when a customer service agent is assigned, when the chat is finished and to get a transcript of the chat.

I can also do an internal plugin if that makes things easier - but an external component, running in my systems space, would be the best.

Thanks in advance!

If you wanted to “listen in” you could create a packet interceptor instead of a plugin.

Perhaps instead of “listening in” you should modify Openfire/fastpath/webchat to “talk” to your external system. Can you describe your other system? What kind of integration do you need? Would an emailed transcript suffice?

For my project, I’m making heavy modifications to Openfire/Fastpath, so it IS my system. I’m interested to hear about your methods to integrate with external systems though, as I may end up doing this to for phone support.