External Connections


We have Openfire running in our office, but some of the staff work from home from time to time, and would like to connect to the server.

How would I allow these users to connect?

The openfire server is running on an internal server, which does have internet access, but only a network IP address (192.168.xx.xx).

All help appreciated

Make sure that oyur server has a real world name for its server name, and that name is set in your external DNS, then set port forwarding on your router from your external IP to your servers internal IP for the ports list in the attached image.

That was something I had in mind, but wasn’t quite sure.

Thanks, helped alot.

The other port you may need to open is for Server to Server Connections, which I believe is 5269. Doing this works well. I have my server configured in this way. It has a virtual 10.x.x.x address but a real world IP port forwards to the server. I just made sure that the server had a vailid external name when i configured it.

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If I was to use port forwarding and change the DNS etc, would need to go through the setup of the server again and re-add all the users?

If I do, then that’s not a problem, there’s only 20 users to add.


I am not sure if you will need to re-add the users if you rerun the setup. I would doubt it though. To rerun the setup without a reinstall edit your openfire.xml file and change the setup tag to false:

I think I may have to re-add the users If I ran the setup again.

If so, that’s not a problem, like I said, there’s only 15 or so users to add, would take 5 minutes.

I’ll probably begin all this tomorrow, when all the users have signed out and I’ve setup up a subdomain that we can use

for connections made from staff outside of the office.