External contacts to reach my openfire users

I’m new to this, so forgive me if I’m asking something silly, but I wasn’t able to find an answer for my question.

i successfully deployed an openfire server and everything seems ok. My question, is:

is there any way external users can contact my internal jabber users? Or even add them as contacts for instant messaging?

i’m aware of kraken and other transport plugins, but it’s not quite what i’m looking for, as this only allow you to connect to other services using the same client. Or am I wrong?

how can I accomplish this?

any help would br very much appreciated.

No easy solution for this. Your external users would have to use a jabber client of some sort and they will have to register on some jabber server (i suppose you don’t want them to register on your server). Then you will have to turn on federation with those servers that they are logged on (and also expose your server to the Internet). Federation can be achieved through server to server connections. Then two federated servers can share users and rooms (users on one server can add users from another server as contacts). I don’t know how advanced your external users are, but i guess most of them wouldn’t want to mess with it.