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Extra details while registering

is there a way to collect more info from a client while registering? all the clients on my server will be using gaim…and the only fields that they can enter are name and email address apart from nick and password…is there a way to collect more info from them? like i would to include some other fields too to suit my purpose…(i know they are willing to share the info…privacy aint a issue here)

thanks for letting me know!!

There’'s not currently an option to collect more information during registration. However, if your client has vcard support than your users could enter more information that way.



sorry but i am a newbie with regard to all this…what do you mean by “vcard support”? what exactly is it? does it depend on the client software (in my case gaim) that they are using? or what does it depend on?

thanks for the quick reply!!

vCard is a standard format for sharing contact information (it is now coordinated by the Internet Mail Consortium). Most PIM (Personal Information Management) software (such as Outlook) are able to export their address books in vCard format.

Almost any kind of information can be stored in vCard, but it is generally used to transport address-book type information.

vCard support will depend on the client that the person is using to connect to the server.

I hope this helps.

as i have mentioned already, the people connecting to my server will be using gaim…so is getting info by vcard possible through vcard?